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Larry Schenker <lpsca@...>

I have been told by Rabbi Moses A. BIRNBAUM of the Plainview Jewish
Center, Plainview, NY that the Surname BIRNBAUM was the name of one of
the "apartment houses" of the Frankfurt Judengasse (Jewish Lane). Rabbi
Birnbaum further told me that the Surname BIRNBAUM, the sign of the pear
tree, graced the building that was right next to a shul. Around the
start of the 20th century the Jewish Lane was renamed B=F6rnestra=DFe
(Boerne Street) in honor of the Frankfurt Poet Ludwig Boerne who was
born there.

I have a picture of the shul circa 1880, but it does not show the
building with the BIRNBAUM signage.

Does anyone have any additional information and/or pictures about the
building with the signage BIRNBAUM?

Does anyone have an e-mail address to any existing shul(s) in Frankfurt?

Larry Schenker, LA CA USA
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