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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Ralph Baer posted as follows:

"My fourth great-grandfather Gump (Mordochai in Hebrew) ROSENBERG was born
in an unknown place, but probably Lichenroth (now part of Birstein), on 20
April 1780. He died in Lichenroth on 31 May 1860."

The Yiddish nickname "Gump" may look a bit strange to some people, but the
use by Ralph's g-grandfather points to a fact that may not be recognized
by researchers, but which is important.

The Yiddish nickname Gump is a diminutive of the Yiddish name Gumpl,
widely used by Jews in Germany as a kinui for the Hebrew name Mordechay.

Thus, this man undoubtedly had Gumpl as his formal Yiddish name, Mordechay
as his formal Hebrew name, and Gump as at least one Yiddish nickname. For
the purpose of calling him to the Tora for an aliya, he would have been
referred to as "Mordechay Gumpl ben Ploni", Ploni meaning some person (his
father). And if he and his wife had been divorced, his name would have
been written in the Get as "Mordechay hamechune Gumpl", or "Mordechay who
is called Gumpl".

The same remarks can also be made about two other names mentioned in
Ralph's posting: Mordekhai and Marx: Mordekhai hamechune Marx.

Why is this important to Jewish researchers? Because it shows that this
person was known by different names in different venues, and knowing all
the possible names (like Gump) that he used and that were linked to his
formal, legal name would be very helpful in genealogical research.

The JewishGen Given Names Data Base for Germany can be found at the URL:

and will provide a searcher with other linked names which could have been
used by an ancestor, and which may also be found in various archival

Professor G. L. Esterson Ra'anana, Israel

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