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Forth is in Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia) near Erlangen. It is now part
of Eckental.

*********Forth is not to be confused with Fuerth near Nuernberg.***********

I know rather little about my ancestors >from this town. Samson Wolf GROESCH
was born in 1755 in Forth and died there on 28 March 1835. His wife Haie
was born about 1761 in an unknown place and died in Forth on 10 October
1837. They were my fourth great-grandparents. I am, of course, interested
in anything about their ancestors. Samson's occupation is listed as
"Winkelsitzer" which I have been told means grocer or general store owner.
I am interested in confirmation or denial of this. Elsewhere he was listed
as a cattle trader.

On a 1769 list of Jewish heads of families in Forth, there is a Wolf Hirsch,
born in Mitteleschenbach. He might have been the father of Samson Wolf
GROESCH, but this is by no means certain. I am, of course, interested in
anyone with any knowledge of this Wolf Hirsch.

Samson and Haie had the following children:

1) Johanna (Hanna) GROESCH about September 1786 Forth - 13 March 1857
Ottensoos, married to Seckel Ezechiel Baer HESSDOERFER 1783 Ottensoos - 29
January 1858 Ottensoos, trader of cut goods and hops (my third

2) Lea GROESCH about 1791 Forth - 5 August 1865 Forth, married 13 March 1833
Forth to Jacob Joseph STEIN about 1787 Forth - 15 February 1841 Forth,
laborer. Jacob received Forth Schutz on 1 February 1833.

3) Veit GROESCH about 1799 Forth - 29 September 1859 Forth, shopkeeper,

I am interested in information about any other children, although I think
that this is a complete list except for probably children who died young.

The HESSDOERFERs of Ottensoos were a subject of an earlier message. Lea had
the following two children:

1) Mariane GROESCH (illegitimate) 12 April 1824 Forth

2) Joseph Baer STEIN (illegitimate, but father acknowledged as Jacob Joseph
STEIN) 24 January 1833 Forth, trader, married 7 March 1859 Forth to Jette
MEZGER 17 May 1834 Forth. Joseph received Forth Schutz on 17 April 1857.

I do know of one child of Joseph, but my information stops there. Any
further data is appreciated.

Since the name is very uncommon among Jews, I am interested in finding out
if there were any other Jewish families named GROESCH in Franconia.

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