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Eliane ROOS <eliagil.roos@...>

Justin Levy (Dublin, Ireland) writes :
< several members of my family married the descendants of another
< Levite, Levy TRAUBE - they too assumed the family name LEVY.

my ancestor rabbi Maier LEVI >from Jebenhausen, Wurtemberg, married
in Buttenhausen, Wurtemberg, in 1802, Juttla (Judith) LEVI TRAUBE
daughter of rabbi Moses TRAUBE [L] >from Killsheim. could we be related ?
I am in search of this branch. good Chanukkah to all

Eliane Roos Schuhl, Paris, France

researching : DISPECK < Diespeck, Bavaria & Fuerth (Bavaria) & Metz, Moselle,
France in ~1780; LEVI TRAUBE (L) - Killsheim / Rillsheim (?);
LEVI < Markt Erlbach (Germany ~1780) & Jebenhausen (Wuertemberg);
STEINHART / Steinhardt, -> Fuerth (Bavaria, Germany < 18th) & Alsace,
France in 1753-63.

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