German SIG #Germany Can anyone help me find the source of this quotation? #germany


A few days ago I included a quotation which I attributed to Arthur Kurzweil in
a message I posted to this Forum. It was:

"During the Holocaust, they took the names away of the people, each with
their own soul, and they put numbers on their arms. The job of a Jewish
genealogist is to replace those numbers and give them back their names."
I took this quote, together with the attribution to Mr. Kurzweil, >from the
website of a GerSig member. An internet search found the same quote with the same
attribution at two other websites. However another website attributed the same
quote to Raffi Gruber.

None of the webmasters could tell me the source of the statement.

I scanned every page of the 1998 edition of Kurzweil's excellent guide to
Jewish Genealogy ">from Generation to Generation" but did not find these words.

It may be that they were included in the original (1980) edition of Kurzweil's book
but I don't have that one.

If anyone can provide the source of that statement I'd be most interested in
knowing it. I have an advanced degree in Journalism. For us it is a major
sin to attribute a quotation to someone without being able to verify the
attribution. Any help appricated. Many thanks.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC, GerSig Moderator1

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