Schenkel-Padawer of Strasbourg France #france

Yisrael Asper

The Padawer Kohen branch of my friend appears suspiciously similar to Dan
Rottenberg's "Finding Our Fathers" book's description of the name Padawer
"French family whose name is derived >from Padua, Italy, its original home. The
family later migrated to Poland before moving to France." She is the daughter of
an attorney who was expert at indemnification who lived in Strasbourg named
Schenkel who is recently departed. She's only two generations French but she
did talk of Padawer relatives having moved to Polish Galicia. She said that
the family in Italy lived in Padua and was descended >from the Maharam MiPadua.
She said that her mother's father's name was Yisrael Chayim Padawer
born in Galicia and that his father's name was Shmuel Moshe HaCohen.
Were Shmuel Moshe HaCohen and his wife Paduans still. >from her branch came
Padawers in Polish Galicia near Cracow, in "Denbitz and Kol Buchova" she says.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yisrael Asper
Pittsburgh PA

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