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I got a response on my last post which opened up some more information on my
great great grandfather Nathan JACOBOWITZ (Thank you again Lars!) I would
like to resend this with more data in case anyone may know of a link.

The family listed in 1847 in Lautenburg, West Prussia is: Joseph
JAKUBOWITZ (JACOBOWITZ) and his children Nathan (born 1829), Philipp,
Rosalie, Moses, Lotte, Abraham.

Nathan later married a woman >from Rodenberg (hannover) and they lived in
Lautenburg. I have to wonder how they met, as these places are far
away, but the location is solidly known >from relatives. Nathan's wife
Frederika (geb. BONWITT) is buried in Hannover so at least she moved there
later in life perhaps after Nathans dead (if they both hadn't moved at some
point before Nathan's death)

If anyone knows anyone who may have a link please let me know.


Researching: Germany: ROSENBAUM - Hannover, Warburg, Kassel
BONWITT - Hannover, Rodenberg, other
JACOBOWITZ - Lautenberg, Prussia (now Lidzbark, Poland)
HOFFMEYER - Dransfeld, Warburg
LOEWENHEIM & HAMMERSCHLAG - Mielenhausen, Kreis Hannoversch-M√ľnden
BERLINER - Rodenberg, Hannover

Austria period Galicia: GERBER - Stanislowow, Tysmieniczany FIFFER - same towns

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