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Harriet Mayer

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group. I just started to do genealogy research seriously, but
I've collected bits of information for a while = novice.

I live in New York City. My native language is English, and I speak and read a
little German. My husband is fluent in German. I am intermed/advanced in using a
computer (not so great at the techie side) and my Internet experience is extensive.
(I'm a librarian.)
We have dates for great grandparents in some lines (some back to 1700s), but no
info in other lines.

The family names I am researching are:
BODENHEIMER - >from Darmstadt late 1800s + early 1900s, earlier >from Biblis.
LEWISOHN and SCHAMES- Frankfurt, family of Fanny
LEWISOHN (late 1800s) married to Ludwig SCHAMES art dealer of Frankfurt
GUTMANN- Julia, married to Jacob MAYER of Frankfurt, came >from Stuttgart, father
Julius. We have no other information.
GUELDENSTEIN of Sontheim (near Stuttgart) and Buchau, now Bad Buchau. Some of
these came to US in the 1800s.

Harriet Mayer harriet_mayer@... New York, NY

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