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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Ron Uhlfelder Laberge posted as follows:

"In the vicinity of Dormitz, Erlangen and Nuremberg (Bavaria) about
1750-1800 I have found a number of records which may relate to the same
person. The records, however, have different names including but not
limited to: Jomtov, Jandoph, Johndoph and Jacob.

Would appreciate a discussion or any information relative to these names
being: (1) intermixed or used interchangeably or, (2) a translated
version of the other and, (3) any other names intended to be the same name."
Reply >from Prof. G.L. Esterson: =======>

The names Jomtov, Jandoph, and Johndoph are related names, all linked to
the Hebrew name YomTov. The first name Jomtov is the transliteration into
German script of YomTov. The others represent Yiddish versions (Yondef,
Yontof, and some others) of the Hebrew name YomTov , which have also been
transliterated into German script.

The German secular name Jacob has no connection to the first three names,
except that it begins with the same "Y" pronunciation. This name was a
kinui for the Hebrew name Yaakov, such that in a Get (Jewish divorce
contract) the identifying name of the male having both names Jacob/Jakob
and Yaakov would be written in the Get as YAKOB demitkari Yaakob. But it
was also possible to use the German secular name Jacob/Jakob as a loazi
name for a Jewish male who had almost any Hebrew name as his "real" name
(>from a Jewish point of view).

Mr. Laberge can see how this works by visiting the JewishGen Given Names
Data Base for Germany at the web site:

and using Global Text search for the name YomTov. His two names Jandoph and
Johndoph (the same name, since Jan is the German secular version of the English
name John) do not yet appear in the above web site but will be there after the
next update. Good luck with your research.

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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