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The French Civil Birth Records (as well as the Marriage Civil Records) of
less than 100 years are not freely available, excepted for the person
concerned by the record, his/her direct ascendants or descendants.
The other persons can only obtain an extract of the record without mention
of the names of the parents.

If the Birth Civil Record you are searching for dates of more than 100
years, there is no problem. The only problem is to find the precise date of
the birth.

There is no "lists of residents" for each "arrondissement" of Paris, but
there are populations censuses for 1926, 1931, 1936 and 1946. A research in
these records can be done if you know the address.

For more precision, you can contact me privately.

Laurence Abensur-Hazan (Mrs)

Subject: Paris Birth Records
From: "Peter Lebensold" <>
Charles LEBENSOLD (as Karl) appears in the Auschwitz arrival lists for 22
June 1942 as Prisoner #40947. He is listed as having been born in Paris
6e, resided Paris XI.

My question is: Are there, somewhere, copies of birth certificates for
VI, that might provide me with - among other things - the names of
Charles/Karl's parents? Or lists of residents of Paris XI?

Peter Lebensold
Toronto, Canada

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