German SIG #Germany Re: German Jewish Folkways - On or OFF Topic for GerSig Forum #germany


Dear Moderator John Lowens and GerSig,

I got Donn's letter as well by private email and and have already written back
to tell him how right on target I think his letter was.

I think that it's the perfect solution and I will be happy to help with the
summaries if needed.

Shabbat Shalom to all.

Elizabeth Levy in Israel <>

MODERATOR NOTE: Mr. Devine's message was posted earlier today 14 May 2004.
It reflects the sentiments of the several GerSig members who sent us comments
on this matter.

In the days ahead I will post a message confirming how "Folkways" messages which
do not directly relate to conventional genealogy research methods will be
handled by the GerSig Moderators.

Many thanks to Michael Bernet, Werner Frank, Elizabeth Levy, Donn Devine and
Martha Lev-Zion for your thoughtful comments. Mr. Devine's message seemed to
summarize the matter most clearly which is why only that message was posted to
the list. All of your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please continue
to send your comments and suggestions to the GerSig Moderators at: John Paul Lowens NY MODERATOR 1

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