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Both Susan Edel and Gerhard Jochem have provided very useful information about
the CD containing the Jewish Registers for Middle Franconia. According to the
web site of the organization that produces the CD ( ), the
cost is 15 euros plus package and postage charges.

They ask for payment in advance. I can get euros here in the U.S., but do not
know how much to send because the package and postage charges are not specified.
Does anyone know what would be a reasonable amount to include for package and
postage to the U.S.?

***Or would any GerSiggers in the Nuernberg area be able to find out?***

The organization's web site says they are not able to respond to email inquiries.
Thanks very much for any help or suggestions you can provide.

Cory Streisinger Portland, Oregon please reply to:

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