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I was intrigued by the mention of the name BONDI, BONDIA as variationS of the
name Yom Tov or JONTOV: "Kaganoff... noting...that the Hebrew Yom Tov
became Bondi and Bondia in France and Italy" (gersig May 25, 2004). This
seems logical, since BONDI and BONDIA sound like Ladino and would indeed
mean "good day". Would that denote a Sephardic origin of such families?

In fact I had seen the name in Dresden. In my search for the KASKELE bankers
in Dresden and the possible link between them and Henry CERF or Hirsch Levi,
I obtained >from the Saechsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv in Dresden several
lengthy lists and documents related to the established Jewish families in
Dresden in the second half of the 18th century. Most prominent is the BONDI
family. There are several in the list of tombs, the oldest is: BONDI, Isaac,
Hebrew name Jizchak Bondi ben Shimon Bondi, b. 1689/90, d. 25.03.1754.

Most interesting is in the list of Elders (Aeltesten der hiesigen
Judenschaft): Salomon Isaac BONDI. The list is dated 26 March 1775. In the
list of the Jewish families there is Salomon Simon BONDI. In another list of
Jewish families, dated 30 June 1773 the first name is Hoffactorin Bondi or
Bondea (not quite clear to read).

My question again, would that mean that the BONDI family was Sephardic and
came >from elsewhere, earlier? As I said, my search is mainly for KASKELE and
especially for the eldest son Jacob Judah KASKELE. He seems to have died
relatively young, perhaps 28 or 29 years old and I have not found any
mention of his place of death. A KASKEL, Jacob jr., 28 yr., late of Dresden,
appears in a list of members of the United City Lodge in London on 29 Jan.
1787. On the same list, on 24 Nov. 1785, is the name of Henry CERF, no
particulars. These two people must therefore have known each other and I am
exploring the possibility that there was a business link between them. I am
theorising that Henry CERF was in fact HIRSCH LEVI, who before 1771, then
aged 18, went to live in Dresden >from his native Liebenwalde. Did he change
his name HIRSCH into a Sephardic sounding CERF in Dresden under the
influence of the BONDI family? Was he sent to London by Bondi or by Kaskele?
These are the questions I am trying to solve. Perhaps some of you can give
me information or hints. I will of course with pleasure give information on
the names I have on these documents >from Dresden. Kind regards,

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium <janbousse@...>

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