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MODERATOR NOTE: The following is nearly the last of a series of messages from
Ralph Baer which began in August, 2003. Mr. Baer has obviously done exhaustive
research and compiled a tremendous amount of information about his ancestry in

He has taken the time to compose these short essays which can serve as a model
for others. The form of his messages is quite inclusive yet easy - even enjoyable
to read.

Ralph includes the information that others would need to establish possible
connections between their families and his. He makes it clear where his data
is incomplete (where he needs help and further research).

His data goes back quite far. If you seek ancestors in the various small towns
that Mr. Baer has researched, you can find these messages easily by searching the
SIG archives for the town names. Even if your FAMILY NAMES are not mentioned by
Mr. Baer, his essays will tell you that sources of vital records **are** available
for these towns. By noting what Ralph has learned about his ancestors >from those
places and times you can know what might be possible to find about yours.

In some cases Ralph has indicated where his information was found. Any good guide
to German Jewish genealogy will describe the methods that successful family
historians like Ralph Baer used to locate, extract, translate and interpret those
German records. A number of GerSig members have written such guides. One that
comes to mind is the 2001 book by Emily Rose. (See archives & our website for

At the annual IAJGS Conferences on Jewish Genealogy (like that in Jerusalem next
month and Las Vegas and New York in the years to follow) there are always
opportunities to meet and question these experts. One thing you will learn is
that results like this don't come easily, especially to those of us who aren't
fluent in German.

But with patience and work almost any of us can do what Ralph Baer has done here:

1. Collect the names, dates, places and annecdotes that are available to us;
2. Use that data to obtain more facts >from public records and
3. Analyze the information and use it to find other sources and more facts;
4. Create a clearly written summary of what you've learned about each family line;
5. Present your summary to others who may be able to fill in the blanks on the
other side of your "brick walls".

Experience has shown us that those who have obviously made an effort on their own
behalf will be most likely to receive help >from other, more experienced,

The URLs of our Archive Search Engine and Website are included in every email
message that you receive >from GerSig. Thanks to Ralph Baer and good luck to all.
John Paul Lowens - GerSig Coordinator =======>

This is an expansion of a message which I posted in September 2000. This
message is about a family whose residence I do not know although I suspect
that it was Fuerth near Nuernberg. I have an ancestor Dina who was married
to Abraham Meyer AUB (born about 1744 Baiersdorf, died 30 May 1811
Baiersdorf). I posted a message about the AUBs of Baiersdorf in August 2003.

Dina's family name is given as ENGLAENDER on the two marriage records for
one of her daughters, Merle AUB (16 May 1784 Baiersdorf - 21 December 1855
Fuerth). The marriages both took place in Fuerth. The first was on 1 August 1811
to Moses Samuel ADELSDORFER (14 October 1759 Fuerth - 4 July 1819 Baiersdorf) and
the second on 7 December 1828 to Simon LEHMANN (20 October 1761 Fuerth - 20 July
1843 Fuerth). Merle was the second wife of each of her husbands.

Because Abraham and Dina's children were born >from 1765 to 1786, it is safe
to assume that Dina was born within a few years of 1745. Besides for the
two marriage documents, I have not seen Dina's birth-family name mentioned
elsewhere. Although all that is proved is that Dina was Merle's mother, I
also strongly suspect that she was the mother of all the rest of Abraham's
children because the given name Dina appears in "all the right places" in
the various branches. Dina must have died between the birth of her last
child in 1786 and her first granddaughter named Dina in 1791.

What I am trying to do is to determine Dina's ancestry. Due to various
things, I strong suspect that Dina's parents was Isaak Abraham KOHN
(ENGLAENDER) who died on 29 April 1780 and his first wife Edel Meyer (died
1756 Fuerth). My main reasons for thinking that this is the correct family
is that 1. Isaak used the name ENGLAENDER in a town not far >from Baiersdorf,
and 2. the names Isaak and Edel were given to two of Abraham and Dina's
children: Isaac AUB (born about 1781 in Baiersdorf in excellent agreement
with Isaak Abraham KOHN ENGLAENDER's 1780 death) and Edel AUB (born in 1773
in Baiersdorf).

Isaak Abraham KOHN (ENGLAENDER)'s father was Abraham Loeb Isachar KOHN (died
17 April 1748 Fuerth). Abraham's father was the Parness Isachar Samuel KOHN
(died 1747 Fuerth), and Isachar's father was Samuel KOHN.

Is anyone familiar with the family of Isaak Abraham KOHN (ENGLAENDER)?

Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC

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