German SIG #Germany The extent to which patronymics were used in the 18th century? #germany

Michael Marx <MHMarx@...>

In researching names that clearly pre-date the edict requiring Jews to
adopt permanent family names, I find names such as Abraham HIRSCH or
Mordche HERZ.

Were these names in fact patronymics, i.e., Abraham ben HIRSCH and
Mordche ben HERZ and the "ben" has simply been left out as understood?

Or was this not necessarily the naming convention for all Jews in Germany during
that time? Would the same be true for the women, i.e., "bat"?

Michael Marx Lexington, MA, USA =email: MHMarx@...

Researching: BACHMAN(Mannheim) COHN(Berlin,Hamburg,Rogasen,Schwerin Warthe)
FALK(Malsch) GOLDSTEIN(Labischin) HESS(Malsch) MARX(Shriesheim,Mannheim)
MAYER(Dreisen) VANDSBURGER(Prust,Berlin) WEIL(Schmieheim) ZIMMERN(Michelfeld)

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