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from my BAER Family >from Siegelsbach/Baden or maybe >from Malsch near
Wiesloch/Badenia I'm looking for:

Jacob BAER born 2/7/182 parents Isaac BAER and Rebecca FREUDENTHALER
witnesses: Isaia MARX and Jacob ADLER date of Marriage and death is missing
Name of spouse and children??

from the same parents: Mina BAER born 10/15/1863 Jacob BAER born 6/4/1856
from the parents of Haium (Chaim ) BAER and G├╝del SELIGMANN
a son: Isaac Loew born 1/25/1813
missing date of marriage and death and name of children

from the parents of Isaac BAER and Sprinz Strauss a son named SELIGMANN born
MaY 28th 1841 Kind regards

H M Unger Switzerland <hans-martinunger@...>

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