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Ury Link

Steven (Shimon) Frais asked:
"The name I was looking for was Yitzchak (Isaac)BASCH (c1800-c1850). I discovered
a letter there with the signature of Yitzchak "Bo'as". It anyone is familiar with
Hebrew spelling, this signature is written "beit", "aleph" (with a "T" shape vowel
under the aleph), "aleph" (with a hyphen shaped vowel under this letter),"samech".
The letter is dated 1832 so it is the correct period. I need to get it translated,
since it is written in a German type of Yiddish, but I didn't notice
any more names in the letter. My question to the list is does it seem
likely that this letter is written by a BASCH ancestor, or does this spelling
indicate a different family altogether?"

==== In my extended family of Posen province, and later Berlin, we have the
PASCH family, and one of them was Boaz PASCH, whose son Ismar / Itamar was
born in Rogasen 28 9 1895, and murdered in Auschwitz 09 12 1942.
The version which was raised by Steven, is most probably the Yiddish for the
biblical name Boaz (Bet- Ayin - Zayin). Best regards,
Udi Cain, Israel chaikin@... >>>>>

To this letters to the GerSig >from 11 June I wanted to write few notes about the
names BASCH and BOAS.
from my knowledge about Surnames in Holland and Germany I know that the family
name BOAS is in Holland very common and we find it also in Germany. Normal is the
spelling in Hebrew or Yiddish as "Beit - Vav - Ayin - Zein" like BOAZ.

I find 1 time this name with the spelling "Beit - Alef - Alef - Samech" like BOAS
or perhaps BAAS ,dependent what was the good pronouncing of the name. The origin
of the family name BOAZ is as Udi write the Biblical name Boaz.

The name BASCH is **perhaps** the acronym B'S = Beit - Shin = BAAL SHIRA and
it mean a Cantor a Singer or a Poet. Normal it mean a cantor (Chazan).
In Holland a lot of people that was named CHAZAN or have the profession of
Cantor changed the name in 1811 to VOORZANGER, SINGER or to BAS and also to
BAS- MESHORER. (bas it mean a Bass) The same I think is happened in Germany also
in the same time. Why the write the name BASCH in Hebrew letters as "BEIT - ALEF -
ALEF - SAMECH" I don't know, but if it is as Mr Frais write with a Kamatz (T)
under the ALEF then is the pronouncing of the name BAAS and not BOAS.

**My conclusion** is that the name derives >from the acronym B"S as BASCH and it
mean a cantor, or the name was in Hebrew Bas what mean bass. The connection
between the 2 names is very clear. The only thing I don't know is what was the
first name BAAS or BASCH. Best regards

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <uryl@...>

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