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I think it is an error to think that a name has only one origin.
In many cases, there are several possibilities.
For BASCH, I have read different propositions. One of them was a possible acronym
of "Bierschenk".

This name BASCH is at the origin of one of my husband's family names in Fuerth and
curiously, the name BASCH gave place to many other names. In our branch, the
family became BASCH-WEINSCHENK then WEINSCHENK alone. Even if Bier is not Wine,
they are sold at the same place. This could confirm the hypothesis done.
Other branches became BASS, BADINGER...etc. Any comments ?

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MODERATOR REMINDER: This forum is not the place to argue the relative merits of
various name origin theories. If one of those interested in the BASCH origin
will volunteer to collect all responses and then create and post a summary of them
it will appear here. **NEW** ideas about BASCH, especially those that come
with citations of published sources, are always on topic. MOD1

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