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Verde. The closest Hebrew name is Varda [female], which is the Hebrew for Lily.

Actually, there seems to be a little confusion here. Shoshannah in "popular"
Hebrew was long understood to be rose. It is not so, Shoshannat Hasharon is
the "Lily" not the "rose" of Sharon.

**The correct Hebrew name for rose is vered (pl. vradim). That is a common
girl's name now, and the correct translation of the names Rosa, Rosie etc.

** [MODERATOR NOTE: When making a statement that the opinion of another member
is not completely correct and that another version of the "truth" is more correct,
GerSig would prefer that the critic provide sources for the statement.

If he can provide no source, he (or she) should make it clear that the statement
is personal opinion.

Thus, the sentence above should read: * In my opinion, the correct Hebrew name for
rose is vered (pl. vradim).* This comment is written for ALL GerSig members, not
only the writer of this message. My comment is inserted here because this writer
happened to provide a good illustration of how this rule should be applied. END]

The female Vered or Vardah name were, to the best of my knowledge, created in
Israel in the early 20th century; I could not find it among Beider's first names.

Michael Bernet, New York

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