German SIG #Germany Do not open files attached to email from: #germany


A number of alerts prompt me to remind ALL GerSig members that you should
have an anti-virus program running on your computer and should update it very
frequently at the software vendor's website.

GerSig will never send you an email with a file attached. If you receive an
email >from "gersig@------" with a file attached it is almost certainly >from a
virus infected computer belonging to a careless person with saved GerSig email
or a GerSig address in his address book. The virus has forged the "gersig@------"
return address using data >from the infected computer. That is how email with the
forged return address: "" was created.

Never open a file without screening it for viruses first. Open all files attached
to email with care.

* If you don't know who sent the file
* or if you did not expect to receive it >from a known email address
*** don't open it until you can verify the origin.

John Paul Lowens Suburban NYC - GerSig Moderator

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