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Caroline Faunce-Brown Lancaster, England wrote:
"My great, great grandfather was a German Jew (William Henry ADLER) although I'm
told he probably wasn't practising. He was born in Germany but also lived in
South Africa."

Dear Caroline
Try the National Archives of South Africa website:

A quick search revealed several files regarding the name ADLER.

It occurred to me that I may not have shared information about the SA
National Archives with GerSig.

The National Archives of South Africa (NASA) can be useful resource but I
would like to clarify what it can and cannot provide.

It will not provide online information about marriages, births and deaths.
These records are kept in the archives but in order to access them one has
to go to the relevant archive repository, be it in Pretoria, Cape Town,
Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Durban or Bloemfontein in order to do a
look-up. What NASA will provide online however, is invaluable information
about our ancestors' wills and other legal matters, be they litigation,
divorce, application for naturalisation or in some cases, criminal
proceedings. The website is available to everyone, not just people living in
South Africa and if one logs on and finds the site 'not available' it merely
means the site is being maintained and is therefore temporarily unavailable.

Researchers living beyond South African borders obviously cannot visit the
archives, but they can email the relevant archive holding the files that
are of interest to them and if the archivist is not too busy, he/she will do
a look-up (if you have accurate dates) or draw a file for you
(providing you supply the correct reference number) and send on
information via email. Bear in mind that some of the files run into many
pages and the archivist cannot provide you with masses of detail via email.
Also bear in mind the archivist may flatly turn down your request or ignore you.

First prize would be to convince relatives living in South Africa to visit the
archives of importance to you once you have established where your files are
lodged via NASA. If you do not have relatives living here then the only other way
to establish fully what is in the files would be to employ a researcher.

Occasionally I drive up to the Pietermaritzburg repository (about an hour away
from Durban). I am willing to do a look up for Gersig listers and to photograph
documents and email them on, however, I would like to stress that I am often out
of the country so a prompt response to a request is not always possible.

I hope this is helpful. Best regards,

Cheryl Johnson Durban KwaZulu/Natal South Africa <>

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