German SIG #Germany Re: German birth record- transcription and translation please #germany

Hermann, da Fonseca-Wollheim <Hermann.da.Fonseca-Wollheim@...>

I find the German handwriting hard to decipher, and would greatly
appreciate a transcription. If you feel like it, you can include a
suggested translation as well.

"# 30/1837
herewith is certified, based on the birth records of the Jewish
community, that David Silberstein was born on June 2, 1837 at Ostrowo
as legitimate son of the parents Abraham (tailor) and Hanna Silberstein.
Ostrowo, July 9, 1908
(stamp) The Communal Administration, Ostrowo"

Hermann da Fonseca-Wollheim Tervuren, Belgium

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