German SIG #Germany Methods of making changes in your subscriptions will change #germany


I have just been informed that our hosts at JewishGen will soon be changing the
system that manages all list subscriptions including GerSig.

One important change will take effect with the new system:

List MODERATORS will **** not **** be able to make changes in your
subscriptions for you after the new system goes into effect.

*** all *** changes in subscriptions - email address changes, changes from
"mail" to "digest" or to "no mail" (vacation) mode will have to be made by the
subscribers themselves using a new JewishGen webform.

If you are considering making any changes at this time and would like help
from your Moderator please let me know soon. Once the new system is in force
I will not be able to help you.

John Paul Lowens - GerSig Coordinator GerSig@...

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