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ralph dannheisser


I may be years behind the curve on this one, but just recently heard
anecdotally that some German cities have been offering visits "home" to Jews
who were forced to emigrate during the Holocaust era.

Do any among you know of such programs, now or in the past? I'd be
particularly interested in such info pertaining to Hamburg and/or Frankfurt.

Many thanks.

Ralph Dannheisser CITY ??? STATE??? ralphbackhome@...

MODERATOR NOTE: The programs exist. Some towns pay all expenses for return visits
of Jewish refugees who were forced to leave the town. Cousins of mine "returned"
to Erbenheim (now part of Wiesbaden) during the 1980's at the town's expense.

It would be helpful to know if there is a central office for information about
these programs. MOD1

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