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The August issue of Sharsheret Hadorot, published by the Israel Genealogical
Society will soon be in the mail.
Sharsheret Hadorot is a bilingual (Hebrew and English) quarterly.
Below is the list of articles in this issue.

Penina Meislish:
The Bio-Bibliographical Lexicon of Rabbis and Admorim >from Poland and other
East-European Countries Who Perished in the Holocaust

Harold Lewin: Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue London 1791-1885
Eduardo Cohen: Moroccan Jews in Latin America
Alon Ginzberg: Organizing a Family Reunion
Shalom Bronstein: Private Researchers - When and Why
Yehuda Klausner: The Feud of Brothers-in-Law
Eli Samson: Simon Salomon's Return >from the Depths of Oblivion

In addition, the regular features are:
">from the Desk of our President," "Notes >from the Library" and "Reviews of

Martha Lev-Zion Omer, Israel <>

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