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One of my mother's ancestors was Hale (Helene) SPRINGER. She had a sister
Nanette SPRINGER (20 May 1824 - 12 May 1909) who married Daniel Gedalya EHRMANN.

One of their daughters Babette (1848-1919) married
Heimann Hermann UFFENHEIMER (1843-1911).
They had 5 children including amongst them: Gustav (born 21 Nov 1871),
Albert (born 24 may 1876 and Karoline (born june 1879, died 1936).

Gustav UFFENHEIMER seems to have gone at some stage to London, UK.
Albert UFFENHEIMER was almost certainly Prof. Dr. Albert UFFENHEIMER, born in
Fuerth, who worked in a hospital in Magdeburg before fleeing to the USA via London.
Karoline UFFENHEIMER married Max ELLERN-EICHMANN, and they had a son,
Max Hans EICHMANN (b about 1905).

It would help me greatly if anyone is able to supply me with more information
about the descendants of Babette and Heiman Hermann UFFENHEIMER.

Adam Yamey, London, UK <>

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