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Pete Vanlaw <pvan@...>

Dear GerSiggers,

I'm writing you members at the suggestion of Werner Frank, because I'm
looking for help in solving the mystery of my grandfather, Adolph WEINLAUB.
I'm assuming that he died in either a Jewish rest home, hospital or other
institution in Hannover. His dod was on March 27, 1936. According to the
"death book of the Jewish community", cause of death was "Aderverkalkung",
hardening or calcification of the arteries. But there is no mention of where
he died.

It's also conceivable, but not very likely, that he died at home at #3
Goebenstrasse. Not likely, because his wife died in 1933, and his two sons
fled >from Germany in 1933 and '34 respectively. Plus he was not around to
settle his wife's affairs in 1933, which my father took care of just before
he got out.

Until quite recently, I thought Adolph WEINLAUB died in 1931 or '32, since
by then he had disappeared >from any family pictures or documents. Needless
to say, I was quite stunned when I learned that he continued living until
1936. As my next step, I would like to search for records in Hannover of
Jewish rest homes, hospitals or other institutions that may have existed
during the 1930's, where he may have lived out his last days. But, I don't
know what sources are available either online, or not. Therefore, I turn to
the membership at large for any thoughts or suggestions. Regards,

Pete Vanlaw Studio City, CA


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