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Naomi Teveth <ntevet@...>

Dear Gersig friends,
please be informed about the online commemorative book on Halle (Saale)
Holocaust victims, a school project of the Halle Suedstadt-Gymnasium.
A brief English introduction is presented and you can reach the site here:

The data collected are presented in German and a typical (randomly chosen)
entry looks like the following:

Name (Surname ):
Geburtsname (Maiden Name):
Vorname (given name):
Geburtstag (Birthday) :
Geburtsort (Birth place) :
Privatadresse (private address) :
letzte Adresse: (last address)
Beruf (Profession) :
Verwandtschaft (relatives) :
Ehefrau (wife):
Kinder: (Children)
Enkel: (grandchildren)
Bruder: (brother)
Schwaegerin: (sister-in-law)
weitere Lebensdaten: (further data on the person's life)
Todesort und Datum: (Death place and date)
Quelle(n): (Sources)

The students with the teacher seem to have done a good research work and the
site is presented well.

I looked through the entries on JGFF for the town Halle and there are a few
researchers who entered names they are researching that match
names in the commemorative book. Best regards,

Naomi Teveth in Tel Aviv

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