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Dear All,

Our fellow Ger-SIG member Stefan Roos (thanks, Stefan!) has come up with the
following information >from his database of Jews in the Trier region:

"Leopold OSTER died in Wittlich. He was born c.1758 as son of Isaac OSTER
and Judith ?? in Clotten. In about 1786 he married Breinle DUBLON, daughter
of David Joseph DUBLON and his wife Rachel SCHAULEM of Wittlich. His first
child - a daughter named Sara - was born in Clotten Feb 26, 1788. Soon
afterwards the family moved to Wittlich. Breinle DUBLON died there that same
year 1788.

As second wife Leopold took Breinle's younger sister Sorle DUBLON.
Sorle also died young after having given birth to a boy. This son, whose
name was Hirsch - was born in Wittlich Aug 2, 1791. It is not sure whether
Sorle died on that same day or a few days/weeks later.

Your ancestor Rachel BERSCH became Leopold's third wife. The couple had six
1. Susanna OSTER b. Nov 8, 1795 Wittlich
2. Isaak OSTER b. Jan 1, 1798 Wittlich
3. Rachel OSTER b. Feb 27, 1801 Wittlich
4. Rosa OSTER b. Jun 18, 1802 Wittlich
5. Judith OSTER b. Sep 15, 1805 Wittlich
6. Antonetta OSTER b. Apr 12, 1808 Wittlich

Leopold was working as a butcher in Wittlich. His patronymic name before
1808 was Leib Isaac. He died in Wittlich Feb 13, 1814. After his death
Rachel BERSCH left Wittlich together with her own children and those of her
husband's previous marriages."

Antonetta (also: Antionetta, Henriette) OSTER was my gggrandmother. Until
today I did not know that she had sisters and brothers. Additional
information is that Rachel BERSCH probably died in Klotten/Clotten.

Does anybody recognize any of the above mentioned names in his or her
familytree? I would be happy to hear >from you!

Please mail privately to sylvia@....

Sylvia Stawski, Beerse, Belgium

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