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Georges Graner

At 02:59 16/02/2006, David Priever wrote:

If anyone is familiar with Camp Bertholet, Schotland Metal Works in
France, Captain Joliet of the French Army, Colonel Ismael
(______?______)*, who passed away in Nice in 1945 and possibly Leon
Blum, A Resistance leader in Avignon, *please* contact me in private.
I forwarded David's message to a member of our Genealogical Society
who is specialized in military records. I hope he can answer some of
your questions.
Just a point : Leon BLUM is not a resistance leader.
He is a very famous Socialist leader. Here is a short sketch of his life:
- he was born in 1872 in Jewish family, entered the famous "Ecole
Normale Supérieure" and became a journalist and writer.
- during WW 1, he was the aid of a socialist minister and thus became
active in the Socialist Party
- when in 1920, the majority of the Socialist Party decided to become
the Communist Party, Leon Blum was the head of the minority and thus
he became the head of the Socialist Party.
- >from 1920 to 1936, he strengthened his party and led the "Popular
Front" to the electoral victory in 1936. He then became the Prime
Minister for one year, during which he made very important social reforms.
- in 1940, he was arrested by the pro-German government of Petain and
jailed first in France and later in Germany.
- after WW2, he was again Prime Minister for a few months in 1947 and
died in 1950.

If you look for "Leon BLUM" in Google, you'll find thousands of references.
Good luck

Georges GRANER (Paris, France)
Webmaster of Cercle de Généalogie Juive

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