GWIAZDOWICZ family in Paris area #france

LISA BETROS <lk313@...>

My grandmother, Sora Rywka GWIAZDOWICZ, left Lomza in Poland to live in
Paris (or near Paris) with relatives, an uncle and his family. She was born
in 1900 and probably came to France c. 1915 + or - 2 years or so.

She came to the U.S. in 1929 and lived in Ohio. In the U.S., she adopted the
first name of Regina.

The uncle and his family in France might have had the surname of GWIAZDOWICZ
or RAPPORT, which was the name of another branch of the family that my
grandmother was close to. Could anyone help me find who her relatives were?
Where did they live? Who are their descendants?

Some additional information:--
I have a copy of my grandmother's Livret de Famille, issued when she married
my grandfather, Louis FALKOFF, in Livry-Gargan in January 1928. Her
residence at that time was the Village of Livry-Gargan, Department of Seine
& Oise, Allie du Lac. Her mother was Chaya Beyla and father was Mordkhe
GWIAZDOWICZ. They stayed in Lomza until they also emigrated to Ohio in the
late twenties-early thirties.

Louis' address is listed in the Livret as Livry-Gargan, 37 Boulevard

I am able to read French.

Thank you, very much, for any assistance you might provide.

Lisa Betros
Riverdale, New York
FALK/FALKOFF (NYC, WA state; Canton, Columbus, OH, Omaha) FOLKOFF (NYC, San
Fran., Carmel) FALKOV (Ludza, Latvia)
RAPPORT (Lomza, Jedwabne/New Philadelphia, Akron, Dover, Uhrichsville,
Cleveland, OH; Los Angeles) GWIAZDOWICZ (Lomza, Jedwabne/Paris, Livry Gargan
in FR)
COHEN/KOHN (NYC, Chicago, Detroit/Winnipeg, Toronto) KON or variant
(Pultusk, Mlawa)
TUPPER (NYC/Canada) TOPPER (London/S. Africa/ Canada) TOPER or variant
(Krasnosielc and Makow)

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