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Gunther Steinberg <beagun27@...>

I have received a CD with a copy of the list of names and layout of
the "new" Hildesheim Jewish cemetery that is part of their main cemetery.
It does not include the names >from the old cemetery in Teich Strasse, which
dates back to the early 19th century or before. - The Peinestrasse cemetery
includes some monuments for the holocaust victims. There are also some
individual histories and other data.
Contact me privately for more details. The CD was apparently put out
my the local community AG Beth Shalom with help >from the Robert Bosch School
under the guidance of Christian Augustin.

They hope to publish the material in book format with the addition of more
individual histories.
A E-mail address is included for contact for additions and corrections.

Gunther Steinberg Portola Valley CA 94028 <>

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