German SIG #Germany Questions Re: Breslau website #germany

Carol Baird <sbaird@...>

The following refers to Peter Lande's October 23 SITE CITE quoted below.

The Breslau website is easy to access, but how do you search the 1809
resident list or City Directory when it asks you to put in information that
you are looking for? If I pressed "LOS", it kept telling me that I made an
error or had incomplete information. Of course, I did. The questionnaire
wants to know what district I want and what profession my ancestor was in,
but that's what I want to find out! You obviously cannot do a surname
search or can you? Peter, can you clarify please?

Carol Davidson Baird Solana Beach, CA

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <> wrote:
Researchers interested in Breslau / Wroclaw information may wish to look at:

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