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there are 49 towns in Germany with the name Neustadt. Need I say more?

My g-g-uncle Moses KANTER (b. 1871 in Neustadt) emigrated to South Africa in
1938 (with his wife Hermine MARBURGER and their daughter Frieda KANTER (b.
1899, Neustadt, d. 1984).
Frieda married Bernhard Leopold ROSENBUSCH (b. 1893, d. 1960) and they had
at least one son Herbert ROSENBUSCH (b. 1923, Marburg, d. 1979,

Looking for any information about the descendents of the people mentioned above.

Itta'i Malbin (city ??? )

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Emmerich, Katz, Neuhaus, Nussbaum - Rotenburg a.d.F; Baumbach, Germany.
Kanter, Furst - Neustadt (Hesse); Kassel, Germany.

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