German SIG #Germany Surrender of Jewish community Register to German authority. #germany

Willie Glaser

In 1940 the Jewish community Fuerth was forced to surrender all birth,
death, membership,cemetery and other registers, files and documents to the
"Reichssippenforschung, Abt. Zentralstelle fuer fuer juedische
Personenstandsregister im Altreich, Berlin N 4, Oranienburgerstrasse 28"
(Reich's Kinship Research, Department for Jewish civil status register).

I must assume this procedure applied to other Jewish communities as well.
These rcords provide a wealth of German Jewish genealogical information.
Can anybody shed light on where these records are located now?

Willie Glaser St. Laurent Quebec, Canada

MODERATOR NOTE: Readers of "Stammbaum" the Journal of German Jewish Genealogy
Research are familiar with the "Reich's Kinship Research, Department for Jewish
civil status register." This is the subject of a three-part series of articles
concluding in the current issue.

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