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Georges Graner

At 00:40 29/04/2006, wrote:

Recently I became aware of another "Strasburg" (now Brodnica in Poland) which
was part of West Prussia around 1873. >from what little information I've given
above (and below) does anyone think it is possible that this "Strasburg" is
actually where I should be doing research? Or, does the fact that Jacob
referred to himself as being >from France preclude this?
If I refer to the book "Where once we walked", the village Brodnica
in Poland had a tiny population of only 56 Jews before WW2. Moreover
this book, which usually gives all different names of a village or
city, does not give "Strasburg" as a variant for Brodnica.
You have also to know that between 1871 and 1918, Alsace was a part
of Germany, so if your ancestor arrived to the US during this period,
it is normal that he declares himself as coming >from Germany.
Conclusion: forget about Poland and concentrate on STRASBOURG
(Bas-Rhin) in nowadays France. There was and still is a large Jewish
community in this big city and ALEXANDRE is quite a common surname
among Alsatian Jews.
Good luck !

Georges GRANER (Paris, France)
Webmaster of Cercle de Généalogie Juive

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