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News >from GerSIG Moderator - March 2005
1. A few days agoGerSIG membership reached 1,000 for the first time ever. I don't
know the reason for the sudden growth but we now number 1,012 members.

2. JewishGen is continuing to upgrade the systems we use to
manage SIG subscriptions and user email address updates.

You will find a link to the new SIG subscription
center in this and every message you receive from
the GerSIG listserver. (Most readers will find the
link at the end of GerSIG messages. and
certain other subscribers may find it at the beginning.)

I found it interesting to use this link to:

At the bottom of the List Manager page, (below the grid)
JewishGen has provided quick links to several
useful tools. They are:

1. "Subscribe to ** other ** JewishGen mailing lists":
Includes brief descriptions of all SIG group content;

2. "Going on vacation?" JewishGen has made it easier
to put your SIG list subscriptions on "no mail" status.

3. "Search messages previously posted to the mailing lists"
JewishGen now provides quick links to *** both *** the
SIG list archives and also the separate JGDG - JewishGen
Discussion Group Archive search engines >from one place.
(The SIG lists and the SIG archives are semi-private.
The JGDG is a public list. To protect the privacy
of SIG members JewishGen must use two separate archives
and archive search engines.)

4. "Change your email address": This link takes you
to the JewishGen ID center. Now you can update
the email address you use for all JewishGen services
an one place. (Including JGFF, FTJP and SIG sub-

When you have time, use the link to:
that's included in all GerSIG list mail. You should be surprised & delighted
as I was with the time saving features that JewishGen has collected there
for your convenience.

Please remember that improvements like these require the
purchase of new machines (hardware) and programs (software).
Your financial and volunteer support of JewishGen is badly
needed so that JewishGen can continue this work yet still remain a free service.

Use the link to "JewishGenerosity" at the top of this email
message to say "thanks" to JewishGen with a financial contribution.

John Paul Lowens Suburban NY GerSIG Coordinator

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