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Today I had the great pleasure of speaking to my first cousin twice
removed. His name is Richard Moses KAHN and he lives in France, where
within the next few days he will celebrate his 96th birthday. Richard was
one of five siblings born in Merzig between 1906 and 1915, and his parents
were Gabriel KAHN (1871-1945) and Rose KAHN nee SCHEUER who was born in
Michelfeld in Baden (1882-1966). I am connected to Richard via his SCHEUER
family and he and I have shared a great deal of information with him about
them. Indeed SCHEUER researchers on the Gersig list will be interested to
hear that I hold an unpublished personal copy of Richard Kahn's memoirs
(written in French) entitled "Quelques Episodes de ma Vie". The memoirs
contain a fascinating account of his life up to about age 89 and
fascinating descriptions of his family and stories about them.

Richard is currently interested in finding out more about his paternal
genealogy and has asked for my assistance. Richard says that the KAHN
family may have lived in the Merzig area for a long time. >from brief
research in the Gersig archives I know that there are several Merzig
researchers in our membership and I wondered if any of them had any
information that might be useful to me. Ideally Richard was hoping to have
found out more information before a planned visit to Merzig later this

I hope that maybe one of the Merzig researchers has information that might
be useful and look forward to hearing >from them.

with very kind regards

Jeanette Rosenberg in London UK email 106503.3561@...

MODERATOR COMMENT - As a fellow SCHEUER (Michelfeld Kr. Sinsheim) researcher
I welcome this news and send thanks and greetings to cousin Janet, a leader
of the UK GerSig group.

I wonder what members think about this idea: Adding a list of name of
known (FAMILY) researchers within the SIG to an announcement like this.

The list would be short and composed so as to preserve privacy - no email address
and maybe not full names. Or maybe use JGID numbers instead of names.
Alternate plan - cc such a message to the family research group privately. MOD1

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