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At the risk of throwing a spanner in the works, I would like to throw
out a suggestion that we strongly urge the Stuttgart Jewish community to
undertake the digitalization of the records themselves. I would like to
see them take responsibility for such a project. It might be something
that a student could take on as a summer job (of course he/she would
have to read the old script). I feel that it is important that the
German Jewish commities recognize the importance of these documents. I
know that Stuttgart does not at the moment. It took a lot of effort to
get them to store the books in a good locked cabinet. Have we tried, as
an organization, to see if they would undertake this as a project?
Maybe we could finance it if they don't have the money. If this has
already been tried, then I agree that we should undertake it ourselves,
but I feel we should try and work on the Stuttgart community first.

Barbara Held Toronto, Canada held@...

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