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3/13/2005 writes:
"Some 142 Jews lived in the tiny town of Erdmannrode in Hesse in 1835. The
town is not on a railroad line or near any of the market towns and most of
the Jews living there in the 1800s were cattle dealers.
Emily Rose's wonderful book suggests that they became cattle dealers
because they probably had no other trade skills, possibly because entrance to
trade guilds for Jews at that time was very limited."

==Predominantly in many areas, Jews were cattle dealers. The work was suited to
rural areas, it was profitable, and it was highly respected as a trade.

Diamond trading at the high end, the Jews' far flung network of connections
and the presence of an informal Jewish banking system based on mutual trust,
permitted Jews to trade over wide areas.

==Very, very few Jews were admitted into the Christian-owned guilds.

Michael Bernet, New York

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