German SIG #Germany Re: Seek town Bergheim or Berkheim near Frankfur a.M. #germany

Fritz Neubauer

j. sturkop schrieb:

I am looking for a Jewish family who lived (in 1778) in Berkheim (probably:
Bergheim) near Frankfurt. I am now looking for the location of that Berkheim
/ Bergheim. In Germany, I found six locations of that name, but I believe
that the closest to Frankfurt is the village Bergheim at appr. 25 kilometers
southwest of Kassel, between Korbach and Fritzler. But that is still a 100
kilometers away >from Frankfurt. Does anyone know a Berkheim / Bergheim which
is closer to Frankfurt than that?
Dear Ko,
there is also the possibility that you are really looking for
"Berkersheim" (with a "ers" added) which in the old days used to be an
independent village just outside of Frankfurt/Main but was incorporated
into Frankfurt and is now a district of Frankfurt/Main,

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <>

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