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Alice Josephs

I have just made several major breakthroughs with my STERN (STARR)
family, originally >from Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, Hesse.

However I have a few more intractable brick walls. My recent good luck
has given me a surge of optimism regarding these lines and I'm hoping
that someone will recognize Mendel, Mameth, Jette, Anna STERN and/or
the possible children of Salomon and Henriette STERN! Please contact
me on

The details are below with the missing lines marked with **:

Siblings: children of Gottfried STERN (Gottfried Abraham before name
adoption) and Nannchen HOCHSCHILD.

**Mendel STERN born Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse 27th March 1815

**Mameth STERN born Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse 25th March 1820 (I
think this is a girl)

I would also like to trace individual children of two other siblings of
Mendel and Mameth.

Salomon STERN born Heppenheim 8th September 1810 died 22nd November
married 20th February 1839 in Lorsch
Jette (= Henriette) MAYERFELD born Biebesheim circa 1813 died
Heppenheim 30th September 1886.


Feist STERN born Heppenheim 22nd December 1812 Heppenheim - 20th
September 1889

1) Gernsheim 23rd November 1841

Jette WEIS born Mainz-Hechtsheim circa 1812 or 1815 died Heppenheim
1st July 1849 in childbirth

daughter: **Jette STERN born Heppenheim 17th June 1849.
No further information known. Her elder sister Eva emigrated to
Portsmouth, Ohio before marrying a New York shoe and boot salesman,
Solomon Mela. I have traced Eva's line but know nothing about Jette.

2) Bensheim 16th January 1850

Jeanette MAYERFELD born Biebesheim circa 1823 died Heppenheim 28
June 1878 (step sister of Henriette
MAYERFELD, wife of Salomon STERN)

daughter: **Anna STERN born Heppenheim 18th April 1859

Alice Josephs London, UK <>

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