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Fritz Neubauer

Elizabeth Levy schrieb:
I found information on the Wuerzburg Database about my cousin, Phillipine
BRAVMANN. To my surprise, she was married to a Richard FINK.
Something I didn't know before. In any case, the information there says that
their last residence was Budweis, Czechoslowakia. Nobody else in my family went
to Czechoslovakia. Since they were both >from Wuerzburg,

Dear Elizabeth,
I assume you know about Jeanette BRAVMANN
born 17 Jun 1889 in Unteraltertheim, Kreis Wuerzburg,
last residence in Wuerzburg, Glockengasse 8
deported >from Nuremberg to Riga on 29 Nov 1941

and two more BRAVMANNs who were deported >from Munich to Kowno on 20 Nov

born 25 Sep 1883 in Unteraltertheim, Kreis Wuerzburg,
last address: Herzogstr. 65 in Muenchen

maiden name PAPPENHEIMER
born 22 April 1887 in Eichstetten, Kreis Freiburg/Baden,
same last address as Jakob.
Both killed on 25 Nov 1941 in Kowno

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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