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Ernest Kallmann

Places including Jewish communities around the fortress of Landau
belonged to France (Kingdom, then Republic, then Empire), eventually in
the Departement du Bas-Rhin (Lower Rhine) until 1815, when they were
granted to Bavaria and finally became part of the German Empire.

The towns and villages where Jews lived and took permanent family names
in 1808 are listed below to my best knowledge. This does not mean that
the name adoption lists survive. Only few have been located.

Altdorf, Arzheim, Bergzabern, Billigheim, Busenberg, Dahn, Erlenbach,
Eschbach, Essingen, Freisbach, Gommersheim, Hagenbach, Herxheim bei
Landau, Heuchelheim, Ingenheim (there is another Ingenheim in Alsace),
Klingen, Klingenmuenster, Landau, Muehlhofen, Niederhochstadt,
Pleisweiler, Rohrbach,Ruelzheim,Venningen. (here ue stands for u+Umlaut)

Please check the exact spelling of the place you are interested in, as
there are many similar names (e.g. Ingenheim is not Ingelheim, Herxheim
is not Hessheim, etc.)

For several of these places, genealogical information can be found in
the 1784 census of the Jews in Alsace and in A.A. Fraenckel's book of
pre-marriage contracts in Alsace during the 18th century, both available
through Cercle de Genealogie Juive in Paris at (the
website has an English version)

Ernest Kallmann Cercle de Genealogie Juive, Paris, France

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