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MODERATOR NOTE - GerSIG members have told us that they want to learn about
more than just the dates and places in the lives of their German Jewish ancestors.
When the subject comes up in this Forum members show a great interest in learning
about the details of their ancestors' lives. Books like "The Pity of it All"
give readers a window into those lives.

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Dear Genners,
It is unusual to give a book report in this forum ,but Werner Zimmt wrote
about the book of Amos Elon "The Pity of all" and recommended to us. Please
allow me to give my opinion about this book. I read this book in the last
week and find it a good book for people that don't know German- Jewish
history. It is well written and I read the book in 2 days (I'm not a native
English speaker). I miss a lot in this book. Elon writes only over the high
society, the famous family, famous writers ,bankers and Intellectuals. Nothing
about the Jews in the small villages,nothing about the Jewish proletariat in the
big city ,nothing about the youth movement in the begin of the 20 century (only
one word), nothing about the life of the poor people in Berlin (in the
"Scheuneviertel") and more...

I don't say that the book is bad and I know that Amos Elon is a brilliant
writer, but I miss a lot in his book about the simple Jews in Germany. by
the way in Hebrew the book have another name " A German Requiem". Best regards

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <uryl@...>

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