German SIG #Germany INTRO - Seeking STRICKER #germany


Hello Fellow Genners:
I have just joined German Gen. I have been a member of the Jewish Gen -
specifically of Hungarian Gen. I have also joined Austria-Czech Gen and
Roumanian Gen. The reason is that my Grandfather's name was Jacob STRICKER and
he was born in Beled, Hungary in 1881. However, most Hungarian Jews chose a
Hungarian name for their families - this name change appeared to be possible
earlier than 1860. The name STRICKER is overwhelmingly German. There are a lot
of STRICKERs in North America, especially in Wisconsin! There are a lot of
STRICKERof Swiss origin. So I am joining German Gen on the possibility that
I can find the family lineage.

My genealogy interest and experience is new. I have be dealing with computers
since 1984. I do not know any German unfortunately. Many of the Hungarian
records are in German. My German connection other than this was that my father
worked in Dresden until 1933 until he was forced to leave.

Viviane Kluska Canton, MI

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