German SIG #Germany RE: FURMAGER/FERMAGER - Thank you! #germany

Carla Montie <swim_mimi@...>

A very big thank you to all those >from both the French and German SIGs who
answered my first posting. I think I managed to answer all of you and there
were many.

My knowledge of the of the twists and turns of searching for ancestors has
been greatly enhanced and I have also 'met' fascinating, generous, and very
helpful individuals as a result.

With the various suggestions which I have received and offers of assistance,
I hope to continue scaling the wall and ultimately find the origin of my
family's chosen/decreed name. I know with certainty I would not be able to
do this without all who responded so quickly.

I will close with a short story which a member sent to me with permission to
quote in the GerSIG Forum:

"".. I have a 3rd cousin once removed who's 1/4 Jewish. Because her mother was
1/2 Jewish, she wasn't deported, etc., but she was barred >from having a
job & all her family assets were confiscated, **except** her inheritance from
the Bauer side of the family -- because not even the Nazis could wrap
their heads around the notion that Jews might have been surnamed Bauer, so
they figured it had come >from her gentile ancestors. Needless to say, my
cousin's family did nothing to try to alter that state of affairs...
Sincere and heartfelt thanks,

Carla Montie USA

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