German SIG #Germany Re: Jewish Cemetery in Wachenheim an der Weinstrasse #germany

Teri Tillman <natzrose@...>

A number of Jewish residents of Bad Duerkheim are indeed buried in the
Jewish cemetery in Wachenheim (an der Weinstrasse). We visited this cemetery
two years ago and found several Tillmann family members >from Duerkheim
buried there. As far as I have been able to determine, there is currently no
burial list available for this cemetery. If you should wish to visit the
cemetery, the key can be borrowed >from the town hall in Wachenheim. When we
visited it, it appeared to be well maintained. The following website has
several photos >from the Wachenheim cemetery.

Teri Tillman Natchez, Mississippi <>

"Pierre Hahn" <> wrote:
Duerkheim has no Jewish cemetery. I believe that burials >from Duerkheim
went to Wachenheim. Can anyone confirm? Does any one know if there is a
burial list for this cemetery?

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