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james bauer <jbauer87@...>

Recognizing the importance of the adoption by Jews of new last names, we
have begun a project to identify the lists and make them available on line
on JewishGen.

I am working as the project manager and have a directory of about 70 towns
or villages for which various individuals possess lists. Our strategy is to
put those lists on line initially and then expand the search to as many
towns or villages as possible.

I am on the lookout for additional lists--if you have one, please email me
so that I can catalog it.

James Bauer Garden City, New York jbauer87@...

Palatinate "Pierre Hahn" <pierre28@...> Mon, 25 Jul 2005
between the years 1799 and 1815 Napoleon was the civic presence in the
Palatinate region. >from the Jewish genealogical perspective the most
important edict was the one which commanded the Jews to declare their new
names. Are there lists available and what towns are covered ?

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