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In response to an earlier message, the 1939 census has the Berlin street
address for Max SLADOWSKY as Knesebeckstrasse 33. He was born 22/6/1880 in
Kreuzingen (Gross Skaisgirren) in East Prussia and had studied at the
University of Berlin. He resided with Lisbeth SLADOWSKY, nee MEWES, born
9/11/1891 in Berlin.

I am prepared to help Gersig researchers who are looking for information on
German residents in 1939 where the locality is unknown. (I use a
computerized version of the census which permits searches by name,
regardless of location. Unfortunately, this search tool may not be put on
the web). Please limit such requests ( to cases where
the locality is unknown. Where the locality is known, please use the LDS
library system.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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